The Prom Musical


The Prom was nominated for Best Musical, and AKA needed something exciting that brought awareness to the Tony nom and that embodied the colorful fun quality of the musical.  We knew there would be greenscreen footage of dancers and singers, so we had to design a world for them to inhabit that was on brand but not distracting.

Next, we composited the characters into our 3D environment, integrating them with glossy floor reflections and retouching any problem areas found in the greenscreen.  The call-out typography was as important, so we had to block camera moves and compositions accordingly, and in tandem with designing out the supers.

Design  |  CGI  |  Composite  |  Retouching 

Prom_30s_050119_v07 00000
Prom_30s_050119_v07 00081
Prom_30s_050119_v07 00180
Prom_30s_050119_v07 00231
Prom_30s_050119_v07 00297
Prom_30s_050119_v07 00357
Prom_30s_050119_v07 00370
Prom_30s_050119_v07 00409
Prom_30s_050119_v07 00481
Prom_30s_050119_v07 00580
Prom_30s_050119_v07 00659
Prom_30s_050119_v07 00702

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