See You Yesterday


HFTF had the opportunity to create the VFX for this Spike Lee produced film, in which friends CJ and Sebastian build time machines to save the life of CJ's brother.  We were tasked with developing many effects, including the CGI wormhole, where the protagonists travel through space-time.

On-set Supervision  |  VFX  |  CGI  |  Compositing  |  Retouching

We 3D modeled the heroes' time travel packs and animated them as holographic models.   And fully recreated Sebastian's backpack along with the dissapearing effect.

We worked closely with the art department, capturing reference photos of the time travel prop, so that we may accurately create each detail of the time travel pack in CGI.  Since the actors had headsets covering there eyes, it was essential that we previsualized the sequence of events beforehand, and gave the actors performance cues accordingly.

We set tracking markers on-set, and match-moved the camera to ensure the holographs tracked perfectly to the workshop table.  We designed and animated the diagnostic UI.

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