Boca Raton

Music Video

The success of this video was wholly due to great partnerships.  Dreamville, Pomp & Clout and HFTF came together to pull off something extremely fun, different and technically demanding.  The director, Scott Lazer, sent us his treatment which had over 15 distinct set pieces for 15 different ideas. We got organized quick and created a 40 page design and technical deck, outlining how we’d achieve each set-up, and visualizing the talent in each environment through styleframes.  This previs paved the way for a successful shoot day.

On set, we used up a real-time greenscreen key for the video feed so we could see how Bas and A$AP Ferg would look in each background.  Then in post, we composited and integrated them into 50s era Florida postcards, which we adapted, augmented and often wholly reimagined in order to fit the greenscreen footage properly.  The audience loved the concept and execution, and has garnered over 2.5MM views.

Design  |  Animation  |   Compositing  |  VFX Supervision

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